The Design Hangar is a hub for aviation enthusiasts. 

I am a professional graphic designer and illustrator - having been in the industry for over 15 years. 

After having discovered the passion for design, photography and arts; 5 years ago, I decided to blend my skills with my passion for aviation, and thus started experimenting with aircraft illustrations.

The Design Hangar is a diary of my work which I'm hoping to share with other aviation enthusiasts.

Having travelled several countries photographing military aircraft, I take pride in recreating realistic interpretations of these powerful machines. 

I also conduct extensive technical research before I start any design and use the latest digital printing technology with archival quality inks and paper.

The Design Hangar stands for quality prints; detailed artworks with a flexible level of customisation; giving you, the customer, a top product to display proudly in your space.

I truly hope you enjoy this site and my illustrations. Enjoy your visit!

~ Max Zammit

Why Our Illustrations?

We are Passionate about Aviation

From an aviation enthusiast to another, we understand that every little detail counts.


Here at The Design Hangar, we strive to perfect the illustration up to the smallest detail. 

Quality prints that last a lifetime

We use only the best to depict these incredible machines. From the paper used, to printing, to delivery - we make sure that every detail is perfect.


So rest assured; you'll get a fine print hanging on your walls for decades to come.

Didn't find what you're looking for?

We're also available for commissioned work for private individuals, publishers, museums, etc.

Drop us a line for bespoke prints.