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Info on the Prints




  • A4 horizontal prints (1 aircraft) -  9 (incl. VAT)

  • A3 horizontal prints (1 aircraft) -  € 15 (incl. VAT)

  • A3 horizontal prints (2 aircrafts) - € 18 (incl. VAT)

  • A2 & Panoramic prints - TBC

  • Prints with frames - Pricing upon request

** All prices are inclusive of VAT & Packaging but exclude Shipping. 

** Free delivery anywhere in Malta on all orders.


Each print includes a detailed side illustration of the aircraft, the squadron badge, as well as a legend detailing the identity of the aircraft and crew if applicable, on a background of choice. 

Included in the price, purchasers have the opportunity to choose between different backgrounds - a landscape option highlighting the country the aircraft serves in, a squadron insignia option, country flag, or a choice of clear backgrounds: white, grey or black.

Each aircraft also comes in different configurations and will be added to the checkout page upon e-shop launch.

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PERSONALISED PRINTS - Content requests

We are happy to include a personalised caption relating to a specific plane's history or one of its crew. A personal dedication can also be added.

Commission works are also accepted - drop us a line for a custom quote.

The Making of our   Illustrations


We use giclee fine art printing on a 240gsm pure white high quality acid-free paper with a smooth silk finish.


The inks are long lasting  (archival) and therefore fade resistant. Despite this, it is still advisable to protect your print within a suitable frame and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


Giclee is a high quality artwork made on special printers. 


The biggest difference between a standard inkjet print and a giclee print is that giclees are printed using pigment-based inks rather than dye-based inks.


The Giclee printer will spray the pigment ink onto the Giclee paper one coloured layer at a time, with different layers overlapping the other where needed. 


Furthermore, unlike standard inkjet printers with a standard of 3 colours up to a maximum of 7, Giclee printers have 12 colours so that they can truly represent the original design accurately.

Simply put, giclee printing ensures the accuracy, vibrancy and longevity of the artwork.


We offer 4 different framing options together with our illustrations - black, white, grey or wood colour. The frames are made from high-quality wood with plexiglass or glass options to protect the print. 

For full protection it is advisable to use a frame that utilises perspex (plexiglass) instead of ordinary glass. Perspex blocks UV light which is the part of natural light which fades colour pigments thus protecting your prints from discolouration.  



Before illustrating an aircraft, we conduct extensive research in order to make sure our profile illustrations are technically accurate. As part of the references used, we use numerous close-up photos taken from different angles and different times of day, to make sure all details are correct.


Pantone colours and markings are also collected from different sources; sometimes from crew members of the squadron itself, but when not possible, from expert forums or other reliable sources online. 




Due to web image size limitations, some details might be lost making it hard to appreciate the level of detail we get into. That is why we will be adding close ups of the aircraft of choice at checkout.


 It should also be noted that the images that appear on the site are JPEG versions of our work - Jpegs use a relatively narrow range of colours thus colour might differ slightly on print. We work with trusted printing partners, and we can ensure you that the final print colour will be as close to the original aircraft as possible.