The two-seat light trainer aircraft Pilatus PC-7 turbo was built by Pilatus Aircraft in Switzerland. It can perform various functions, including aerobatics and tactical flying.


Powered with a single Pratt and Whitney PT6A-25A turboprop engine, the PC-7 is capable of reaching 33,000 feet and speeds over 410km/h.  Although Pilatus stresses that exported aircraft are purely basic trainers, the PC-7 wing has six stations that can be fitted with external loads. This potential factor has attracted customers to operate the aircraft for weapons training duties, or even in the light attack role.

Over 500 PC-7 and PC-7 MkIIs have been delivered to 20 air forces worldwide, thus making this aircraft an exceptional and cost-effective trainer. 

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did you know?

Deliveries of the Bombardier Challenger 600 began in 1980, with deliveries ending in 1983. 83 Challenger 600 aircraft are currently in active service.

When in its optimum configuration, the Bombardier Challenger 600 can cruise non-stop for up to 2,909 nautical miles (3,348 miles / 5,387 km).

When configured for the fastest cruise speed, the Challenger 600 can maintain a cruise speed of 458 knots.

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