The Pilatus PC-9  is a powerful evolution of the Pilatus PC-7 turbo trainer with a larger cockpit and ventral airbrake. It retains the overall successful layout of its predecessor, but it has very little structural commonality with it.


The PC-9M has three hard-points under each wing and can be fitted with two Rocket Pods, aerial rockets and two heavy machine guns. In a secondary role, the aircraft can be equipped with a jammer for electronic counter measures to avoid anti aircraft defence and other combat aircraft .


Since 1985, more than 250 airframes have been produced across five different variants and the type is employed by a number of military and civilian operators around the world.

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did you know?

The PC-9 has a prominent windscreen configuration and single piece canopy
resembling the one of the Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon.

The primary turboprop trainer aircraft of the US Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps; the T-6B Texan II, is a derivative of the PC-9.

The PC-9 is able to carry more than 1000 kg of ammo including Mk82, AIM-9L missiles, gun pods & 2.75 inch unguided rockets in various combinations.

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