Irish Air Corps Pilatus PC-9

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Pilatus PC-9 Illustration

Here is a commissioned piece done for the Irish Air Corps dated November 2019.

The Pilatus PC-9 is a single-engine, low-wing tandem-seat turboprop training aircraft and forms the main pilot training aircraft of this armed force.

I had the opportunity to see the aircraft up close at an air show in the UK, and this allowed

me to take many close-up shots of the airframe saving me a ton of research time!

All the existing 7 airframes will be available for order at online store coming 2021:

  • PC-9M 260

  • PC-9M 261

  • PC-9M 262

  • PC-9M 263

  • PC-9M 264

  • PC-9M 266

  • PC-9M 267

  • PC-9M 269

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